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Imanix Reflex - 16 pieces

Imanix Reflex - 16 pieces

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Didactic and fun game, which invites you to create all kinds of geometric figures in 2D and 3D.
Thanks to its colors, shapes and ease of handling, the little ones can make endless constructions, stimulating and developing their creativity and imagination.
The strength of the magnets makes the pieces attract easily, making children of all ages play for hours, allowing them to learn geometry and math concepts.

IMANIX REFLEX makes your game shine thanks to the cuts and reliefs on the pieces that reflect light and illuminate your creations.
Made of ABS plastic, non-toxic, BPA and latex free.

The magnets are sealed inside the parts following safety criteria, but you are warned about the danger associated with misuse that can damage them.

Designed for people from 3 to 99 years old.


Metal, PVC.


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